Life insurance may help protect your family home, your savings, your way of life and your plans for the future. Do you have a life insurance plan in place for your family?

How much life insurance do I need?

Determining how much you need is the first step in building a plan that fits your unique situation.

Income Continuation

You want the people that rely on you to maintain their established pattern of living. The income continuation feature of your life insurance program should ensure that lifestyle.

Take into account that your immediate cash needs below will be funded immediately.
This amount could include your spouse’s income, Social Security or other income sources.

Immediate Cash Needs

A comprehensive life insurance program assures that your family will not suffer unforeseen economic consequences when you die. You want to know they are taken care of. So your program should provide an adequate settlement fund to cover personal debts, emergency reserve fund and other expenses.

Your home is likely your largest asset. A mortgage fund can guarantee that your family can stay in their home and protect your established life plan.
Personal debts (credit cards, personal loans, student loans, car loans, etc.), emergency reserve fund (extraordinary medical expenses, a reserve for emergency and unexpected expenses, 5%-10% of annual income is suggested) and other expenses.

Education Fund

Parents know their children can pay a price for not having a sound education. And rising costs have made it more important than ever to build an education fund. Over the past decade, costs have increased an average of five to six percent annually.


Existing Assets

Mutual funds, stocks, CDs, savings, etc.

Income Continuation $

Immediate Cash Needs $

Existing Assets $

Total Life Insurance Need $

Suggested Coverage